From live music concerts and festivals to theatre productions and corporate presentations, Fuse Pyrotechnics specialise in adding impact to any event that involves a stage. Fireworks, flames and other effects can be used in isolation or in combination to enhance the subtle emotion of an orchestral ensemble, highlight a corporate presentation, or add epic accompaniment to a concert.

Stage Fireworks
  • Create a fairy-tale feel on stage with a carpet of low-lying fog that cascades over the edges
  • Enhance a musical crescendo with a continuous flow of confetti
  • Emphasise the final cue with an instant burst of streamers
  • Amaze the audience with pyrotechnic stage effects usually only seen in outdoor fireworks displays
  • Reproduce an iconically Eurovision effect with a waterfall of glittering gold
  • Get energy levels pumping with roaring flames that pulse and chase to music


Whatever you can imagine, we can create.