Your Wedding Day is the public display of the love and hope of two people. They commit to a lifetime of sharing and an emotional tie to one another that is unparalleled. Many couples struggle with how to communicate these feelings in a memorable way to their wedding guests. A spectacular way to do this is with wedding fireworks displays. You deserve for your wedding to be like when the princess marries the charming prince in the movies, complete with wedding fireworks displays. It is the effect you have dreamed of since childhood.

Grace Wedding
Flaxton Gold Fountain
  • Surprise your guests with an impromptu fireworks display from the reception grounds
  • Add a personal touch with a custom message of love in fireworks writing for all to see.
  • Create that fairy-tale feel to the bridal waltz with a carpet of low-lying fog that majestically swirls underfoot
  • Say farewell to your guests through cascades of fluttering confetti, colour-matched to your wedding theme.
  • Arrive or depart with style as the limousine makes its way through a tunnel of sparkling silver fountains
  • Capture spectacular wedding photos against a waterfall of glittering gold
  • Create warmth and ambience with our flickering flame bars


Whether you dream of a sky full of bursting love hearts or a tunnel of sparkling silver fountains, we will bring your vision to life with the perfect wedding fireworks displays. For more information about wedding fireworks displays for weddings in Brisbane, please click here. There is also an article with information specifically about weddings on the Sunshine Coast.