Concert Pyrotechnics

Concert Pyrotechnics are no Longer Just for Billion Dollar Rock Bands

The concept of concert pyrotechnics has been around for decades. However, because they were merely scaled down versions of outdoor fireworks displays, these concert pyrotechnics were extremely expensive and did not have the greatest safety record. They were reserved for the largest venues and the biggest blockbuster bands.

The development of new technologies for concert pyrotechnics and the development of techniques through experience has made these displays safe and affordable for smaller venues. At Fuse Pyrotechnics, we specialise in bringing creativity to each unique display in a safe and professional manner. Whether your concert is in a small auditorium or a large arena, we will provide an awesome display of concert pyrotechnics. Our display will be choreographed with split-second precision to match and accentuate the musical performance.

You may choose concert pyrotechnics for the entrance of the headlining act or performer, to highlight a familiar portion of a song, or as part of a grand finale or encore. We can collaborate with the musicians, director, or other creative talent tied to the performers or venue to achieve the desired effect or vibe. Tell us your vision and we will design a dazzling concert pyrotechnic display to bring it to fruition.

You no longer have to be the Rolling Stones playing Wembley Stadium to have stunning concert pyrotechnics. Stop treating your performing artists like a garage band. Add professional and safe concert pyrotechnics to your next performance by calling us today.