CRM 133 of 144 2 1200x800 - CO2 EFFECTS

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is colourless, odourless and non-toxic. It leaves zero residue and dissipates in a matter of seconds and is therefore suitable for use indoors and in close proximity to people. CO2 will not set off smoke alarms and, being a non-pyrotechnic effect, most venues do not require a permit.

Our CO2 jets shoot an 8m high stream of white mist that can be used to add excitement to a performance, or to provide a visual screen for a product reveal or discreet stage entrance/exit of people and props.

The CO2 jets themselves have a low profile and can be hidden at the front of stages, in sets or even rigged on truss. The jets are controlled in a number of ways and can be synchronised to the beat of music or simply fired on cue as desired. Multiple jets can be used to create chase sequences to add that extra level of excitement.