Noise, colour and movement are all attributes that can be customised to produce a fireworks display capable of leaving your audience speechless. Working closely with our clients, Fuse Pyrotechnics specialises in producing truly spectacular displays that reflect the theme and sentiment of the occasion. Whatever your requirements, wherever the location, Fuse Pyrotechnics can help make your event one to remember.

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Fuse Pyrotechnics is able to produce spectacular fireworks displays for any event, be it a wedding, private party, school fete, corporate event or major community or sporting event. Fuse Pyrotechnics has access to a wide range of pyrotechnic product enabling us to tailor a display to your event’s theme, colours and budget. We are able to produce spectacular displays in most locations, be it on land, water or even rooftops!

Customise your display with a logo or message displayed in fireworks writing or even have your display choreographed to music! Music can be your own or let Fuse Pyrotechnics produce a musical soundtrack to fit the theme of your event. Ask us about our complete audio package if your event does not have a suitable PA system to broadcast the music.

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Give your next indoor event a creative edge with indoor fireworks.

Fuse Pyrotechnics has a range of effects that can be used indoors ranging from small table-top fountains to spectacular indoor comets and mines. Fuse Pyrotechnics is able to take care of the permit requirements and liaise with venue management to facilitate a spectacular highlight to your event.

Check out our gas flames which can also be used safely indoors

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Close proximity pyrotechnics are a perfect solution for any venue that wants the excitement of fireworks but is tight on space. Fuse Pyrotechnics has a range of pyrotechnic effects that can be fired within metres of your guests, from balconies, rooftops and other structures to dance floors and stages. Close proximity fireworks are generally low in smoke and free from hazardous fallout which enables their use in space-restricted areas. Fuse Pyrotechnics is happy to assess your venue or event location and tailor a solution to suit your theme and budget.
Close proximity effects may even be used as an addition to a traditional outdoor display to bring the excitement closer to the crowd.
For maximum impact, also consider our range of non-pyrotechnic effects such as gas flames or streamers & confetti which are equally suited for space-restricted areas.

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Stage pyrotechnics are the perfect way to add the ultimate level of energy and excitement to a live performance or corporate presentation. Utilise subtle effects such a fountains of sparks or shock your audience with loud concussion and brilliant flashes. Nothing enhances the energy of a stage performance like stage pyrotechnics.

Consider using non-pyrotechnic effects such as flamesstreamers & confetti or CO2 effects as another way to add excitement on stage.