Flame Effect – Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Light Up an Amazing Flame Effect for your Event in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast

For almost a million years humans have using fire in a variety of ways. From cooking food to keeping warm, to entertainment and special effects – fire has been one of the most important discoveries of all time. One of the most exciting ways to use fire is to have it accompany a live performance. Be it music, a theatrical show or a corporate event, the addition of a flame effect is guaranteed to fire up the crowd. Fuse Pyrotechnics is the premiere flame effect company in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast – and they will blow you away with the unlimited potential of how they use fire.

Turning Up the Heat
The design possibilities are endless when it comes to having a fire effect at your Sunshine Coast event. If you choose, fire projectors can be loaded on to a moving float or machinery to simulate a flowing effect, or can you can mount them to a truss for continuous stationary eruptions. Each unit can be programmed and synchronised to music, or they can be remotely fired on cue to ensure maximum effect at live performances. Flames can start as small as a flicker, and in an instant, can be sent up to 6.5m into the air.

Audience members will be left stunned as they watch one of the world’s greatest creations light up the room – and most of them will likely feel the heat of the flames as they burst into the air. Even the heaviest of rains will not stop our units. Rain or shine, our flame effects remain fierce, and our technicians will stay on point to help. We can choreograph flame effects in just about any venue, large or small, indoor or outdoor, and can even fire the jets safely near people. Fire effects are perfect for sporting arenas during high-intensity games, during live musical performances, and everything in between.

Simmer Down Safely with a Flame Effect on The Gold Coast

All the flame units are manufactured to be self-contained and have been outfitted with safety apparatuses to prevent the units from firing if they are not positioned correctly or have been knocked over. They are crafted in Germany and are of the highest quality and grade on the market today. The technicians and operators at Fuse Pyrotechnics have been trained to prevent hazardous situations before they start and to ensure the safety of the guests, their fellow operators, and the venue itself. Safety is something we always take seriously.

At Fuse Pyrotechnics, we approach every project with a passion for what we do. We are energetic, creative, and most importantly we are good listeners. We help our clients execute their visions and bring their events to life. We work willingly alongside our clients to help them design an event that fits within their budget without cutting corners. We have been in the pyrotechnics business for more than 17 years, and we are proud of the business we have built.