Our flame effects bring any event to life – from live performances to corporate functions or even as an addition to an outdoor fireworks display. The use of flame is a versatile medium for enhancing the atmosphere of your event, from a low flicker to giant eruptions of fire radiating waves of heat. Fuse Pyrotechnics can do it in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast.

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Fuse Pyrotechnics’ flame projectors are the industry leader in safety and versatility. Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards, our flame projectors are a fully self-contained unit that can be used both indoors and outdoors, even in heavy rainfall.

These extremely compact units produce flames from 2.5m to 6.5m in height and can be synchronised to music or simply fired on cue as desired. Multiple projectors can be used to create chase sequences for added effect.

Fully wireless operation means our flame projectors can be mounted in just about any location imaginable and can be used on moving objects. Their compact, self-contained design means the units can be bumped in or out in a matter of seconds and, using LPG there is no potential for messy liquid fallout.

Flame projectors can be mounted on free-standing towers allowing people to walk right below the roaring flames. Safety is assured with in-built safety mechanisms that prevent the units from operating if knocked over.

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Flame bars add a gentle warmth and ambience and are suitable for use indoors, outdoors, on stage or mounted on sets and other structures.

Fully wireless operation allows ultimate flexibility in placement and being fully self-contained, there are no hoses or power cables required.